How tech-giant Google Using Python? : A beginners Guide

How tech-giant Google Using Python? : A beginners Guide

Tech Giant Google using Python

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·Feb 16, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • • Python in Google App Engine
  • • Python Contribution in YouTube
  • •
  • • Open Source Libraries
  • Conclusion:

According to HubSpot, Google makes 63,000 searches per second, converting to 5.6 billion searches per day. It’s a huge number.

Hubspot.jpg These bombastic numbers are the results of the technology that Google use.

The most interesting thing is that Python is a huge contributor to this development. So, let’s go back to the early days of Google.

Google needed fast deployment of the applications. As a result, they choose Python and C++. The statement of Google was “C++ is where we can and Python where we must”. Meanwhile, most Pythonistas were hiring in Google.
Guido van Rossum founder of Python also joined Google from 2005-2010. That makes Python the Game changer in Google.

Python is flexible, easy to use and fast. That made it Perfect for Google.
Google uses Python as a server-side language with Go, C, and C++.

As you know, Python is fast, scalable and maintainable. Hence, it survives in Google. Peter Norvig the director of search quality at Google, Inc. said:

Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language.

Also, Google has done several Python conferences such as Pycon and EuroPython. That gives the shine of the strong relationships between Python and Google.
Let’s see how Google use Python!

Python in Google App Engine

Google App engine (1).png

Google App engine allows you to deploy the web application efficiently in supported programming language. You can use it to deploy mobile app easily. so, how the Python Contributing to it? Here’s how:
Google App engine introduce in 2008. Mostly, written in Python. The SDK software development kit helps developer for testing the web applications. It primarily created with Python.

Python Contribution in YouTube

Yotube Canva.png

YouTube primarily created in PHP. But after Google’s acquisition, it changes from PHP to Python.

Cuong Dong the engineer at YouTube said in his lecture that

It was never the bottleneck and the speed problem they did have been easily solved by throwing in several more servers. The speed of development in Python on the other hand, helped them respond quickly to the changes and implement new ideas almost on the spot.

Early YouTube was cluttered. To remove this clutter, Google used python that made the YouTube’s UI more intuitive.

Here it's used to make a python project. If you’re a Python developer you can contribute in

Open Source Libraries

Open source library.jpg There are many open sources of Python libraries in Google. Two of them are mentioned below:
Google Data Python Client Library - It provides library and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs.

Google APIs Client Library for Python – It’s small, flexible and maintainable Python client library. Hence, you can easily access the data with this library.

To know more about Python open-source libraries, Check out here.

So, you’ve seen the different applications of Python I want to tell you if you want to go into the Data Science and AI field then Python is a great language. You can easily create the Python algorithm in comparison to other languages.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn to code then Python should be your first language. The reason behind this is that It’s easy to use syntax format. You’ll think, “Oh, it's English!”

As you know, we need more work in less time. Hence, automation taking place all over the world. Python is a taking huge place to automate things. You can learn automation with Python.

Python is Object-oriented Programming. Hence, it makes it easy to automate the workflow.

I’m putting some links below for the python beginners:


Python with Mosh


The above three links are highly recommended for Python beginners.


Finally, you’ve seen how Google used Python in the early days and now. Meanwhile, Google used Python in the early development of YouTube 's intuitive UI. That Pays YouTube Massive hit in Video Streaming.

Google Supported Python because of Scalability and Reliability of Python.

As you know, python is beginner friendly that has vast libraries. That made it reliable for Google.

In the growth of Python, Google has contributed Such as doing PyCon and EuroPy.

So, Do you think this is it?

No, this is a small part of what Python can do. But I want you to learn python if you want to make remarkable expertise in AI, automation and web development.

The great thing is that to get this skill you don’t need to pay any penny?

So, Are you ready to learn Python to make remarkable changes in Computer Science? I would happy to see you in Comment Section.

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